The Bride is Revealed…The ‘Mother’ Remains Unseen

Well, HIMYM fans, we made it. After the question of who Barney’s bride was loomed in some of our minds for an entire year, the answer finally came, literally in the last few seconds of the finale entitled, ‘The Magician’s Code’. It is, indeed, Robin, but will they actually make it to the ‘I do’s’? And how does this revelation rate with fans? More on this later. The finale packed a lot in. A baby,the coolest middle name of all time, and the return of fan favorite Victoria, in a wedding dress no less. And aside from the ‘Robin is the bride’ reveal (saying that this is polarizing among fans is an understatement), I’d guess that most fans were satisfied with the end result.

Let’s start with the easily likable stuff. Marshall and Lily have now gone from cutest couple status to cutest parents status (sorry Chris and Reagan). Are things going to have to change with this new addition? Yes. The show is clearly laying the groundwork for this. When Ted comes to Marshall and Lily for advice on a minor problem, they reiterate several times that they are still there for him, but for the major stuff (“8 or higher, bro”). And when Ted comes to them with the ‘Victoria’s in a wedding dress situation’, clearly a major event, they rush down, baby in tow and down some shots, only to look down in horror as Robin snaps a photo and points out that Baby Marvin’s first outing was in a bar. Bays and Thomas smartly address right away the question on all of our minds. McLaren’s is a huge part of the group’s dynamic. What happens when you throw a baby into the mix? A recent interview hints that they are already tackling this question, and I have faith that they will tackle it successfully. And speaking of Baby Marvin, his middle name is, wait for it. No, that’s it. That’s his middle name. Waitforit. It truly is the coolest middle name of all time and a reminder that while many things will and have changed, some things will always remain the same.

Speaking of some things never changing, Ted and Robin ended the season friends once again, as they should be. I think Craig Thomas is right when he says there’s nothing like the birth of a baby to bring friends together (by the way, loved all the scenes in Lily and Marshall’s apartment, Robin, as always, ready to get her hands dirty and Ted, as always trying to see where he can fit in to the whole thing). Ted and Robin’s discussuon after the birth of Marvin Waitforit Erickson (nope, I will never tire of saying that name) reminded me how these two can have such candid discussions, despite (or maybe in spite of?) all their history, and how much I miss their friendship even when it’s lacking for a short amount of time. Ted’s joke to Robin (“I love you”) allowed Victoria’s testament to Ted in ‘Ducky Tie’ to come full circle. Ted has dealt with his feelings for Robin and moved on, and now so can we. His friendship with Robin in tact, he’s ready to move forward in his journey to find the ‘Mother’.

But, wait for it (no, not Marvin Waitforit Erickson, hee hee), Victoria’s back. And she’s in a wedding dress. And she’s game for ditching her fiance for Ted. And Ted’s game too. And, what??? It’s fun to see Ashley Williams again, and, let’s face it aside from Robin, Victoria is the only one of Ted’s relationships that fans could really get behind. Let’s face something else. The only reason Ted left Victoria was to begin a relationship with Robin. Now that the final nail has been put in that coffin, it makes sense that Ted would explore this option again. I also like that while Victoria pushed Ted to explore his feelings for Robin at the beginning of the season, now Robin is pushing Ted to explore his feelings for Victoria at the end of the season. It’s nice that both characters are acknowledging the importance of the other in Ted’s world. Ted and Victoria aren’t going to work out. We know this. We’ve been told this several times as we’ve stubbornly fought against it. We know Ted meets the ‘Mother’ at Barney’s (and Robin’s?) wedding. So here we are. Ted Mosby is at the final hurdle. The final question that remains in his way. Victoria was right. Robin is a bigger part of Ted’s world than he realized. And Robin is right. So far, Victoria’s the only one who made sense. The Robin question has been put to rest, and now Ted is on a journey to answer the Victoria question. But we already know the answer. Because Ted is at the wedding. And it’s begun to rain. And the ‘Mother’ is going to show up, yellow umbrella in hand. And can you tell that I’m really excited for this wedding to happen, whenever that may be?

Speaking of that wedding. So Barney and Robin get married. Or so it would appear. Bays and Thomas are tricksters, and Bays has given a slightly different interview regarding the end game for them, but I’m gonna go along believing that Barney and Robin get married (that’s what I want to happen, afterall) despite Ted saying that it was “a wedding day that went horribly wrong”. Look, Barney and Robin’s relationship is the biggest divider among fans, so a lot of people aren’t jumping for joy at that final scene. But those of us who love Barney and Robin so much have loved them since the season one episode, ‘Zip, Zip, Zip’, when Robin joined Barney for a drink and cigar, suited up and all, and later for a game of laser tag. Did the writers plan this that far back, or did they see sparks of chemistry after that episode played out? I’m not sure, but for me the hints are there that far back. Obviously, we have a lot of red tape to get through to even get to the wedding since Barney is now engaged to Quinn. The scene where Robin finds out about the engagement and Barney jokes that “it’s the last chance to run away together” was painful and sad to watch. I’m sure Robin really thinks that she is happy for Barney, and I’m interested to see how this all plays out next season. Knowing this show, it’s gonna be quite an interesting ride as we head to the potential series finale next May.


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