RE-BLOG: Ms. Taco is Still Clueless About the Other Bride on ‘Mother’

With HIMYM indeed following through and revealing Barney’s bride last night on the season finale, I thought I’d re-post my blog about “Disaster Averted” from earlier in the season in prep for my upcoming blog on “The Magician’s Code”. Enjoy!

I realize that I am neglecting some other shows as I write my second blog post on How I Met Your Mother, but after the lackluster and anticlimactic “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns”, I felt that that way the show bounced back in “Disaster Averted” warranted some attention, not to mention the awesome final scene that may or may not hint at what’s to come. Also, I’m just a little bit obsessed with this show right now.

“Disaster Averted” is classic HIMYM in the way that it bounces back and forth between the present and the not so distance past that we originally weren’t privy to. I’d put this episode right up there with “Ducky Tie” as one of the best of the season. Considering that the show is set in NYC, it was a nice touch to take a look at the gang the night that Hurricane Irene hit. It was also nice to see each of the characters act true to form in their reactions with Ted going all boy scout (complete with purple boots, perhaps a wink at the red boots we saw him wearing earlier in the series?), Robin making the Canada comparison, Barney seeing an opportunity to party, and Lily and Marshall going with the flow.

My favorite moments came at the end of the episode, the first of which was seeing the group rejoice in their conquering of Irene. This scene took me back to the final scene of “The Leap”, still my favorite scene of the entire series so far. For me the show’s strength is in the relationships between the characters, and scenes like this accentuate how tight knit a group they really are.

Of course the Barney/Robin moments at the end were the real payoff, despite their stirring some mixed feelings. Being a supporter of Barney and Robin as a couple, Bobin, if you will, more than the kiss at the end, Barney’s assertion to Robin that “when I let a day go by without talking to you, um, that day’s just no good” really meant something because it reminded us of the genuine care that these two have for each other.

But on to the kiss! What does it all mean? For weeks now, Victoria’s judgment that “that doesn’t work” and Future Ted’s confirmation that “it didn’t work, we just didn’t realize it yet” has left me wondering what will come of the Ted/Robin/Barney triangle/friendship. Being that Future Ted has mentioned “Aunt Robin” and “Uncle Barney” to his kids, we have it on good authority that Ted remains friends with them. Does it not working meant that Barney and Robin will eventually work as a couple as opposed to just friends? Is Robin the bride who wants to speak to Ted at Barney’s wedding? Of course them both currently being in relationships does complicate things a bit.

I realize that I, like the show itself, have strayed a bit from questioning who the mother is to questioning who Barney’s bride is, which I know has been frustrating to many fans. But I, like Future Ted, would argue that this is all part of the story, especially considering that we now know that Ted meets the mother at Barney’s wedding. And, as I mentioned in a previous post, this show has really become an ensemble where each of the characters’ stories are just as important as Ted’s. In any event, it’s still fairly early in the season, so I expect to show to drag this out a bit in order to lead us into the finale. However, recent news indicates that some light may be shed on this whole scenario pretty soon. I will definitely be tuning in to find out! Or, knowing this show, to not find out!


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